About us
About Us

CapitalFlash is an online Crow-funding platform registred conforming to the amendment 86 FR 3590, Jan. 14, 2021. Our corporation, located in Brooklyn, NY comprises a series of Trading and Mining Subsidiaries. Indeed, they allow the head company Capital Flash, Inc to evolve day by day and keep a cutting edge position in the priority domains of our business.

Capital Flash, Inc runs a large activity in investment and trading area as a financial institution. Its initial purpose is to provide an assistanship to individuals and corporations in raising capital by acting on behalf its clients as their agent in the issuance of securities. Our responsibilities may also include support services for companies involved in mergers and acquisitions activity and provision of different auxiliary services (from FICC services like fixed income instruments, currencies, and commodities to trading of derivatives and equity securities and market making).

In January 26th, 2021 we have lunched an online Crow-funding platform "CapitalFlash" in which we have developed a system that guarantees constant passive income in two investment plans. Therefore, we make it possible for individuals, groups and companies who may not be professionals in the fields to meaningfully engage and benefit from financial and stock markets, experts-managed trading and investments portfolios.
Our trading and investments experts ensure not only that your funds are at work, but are put in carefully planned and strategically diversified trading and investment portfolios.Therefore, We ensure transparent returns, with a meaningless management fee.

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