About us
About Us
Our Story

CapitalFlash is a cross-globe union of small investors and traders. We operated as an equity crowdfunding portal dedicated to endless innovation and assisting communities thrive. Our platform opens the door for unaccredited investors. In fact, we at CapitalFlash, welcome anyone who has a special interest in forex and stocks markets to support the businesses they know and love through Regulation Crowdfunding offerings.

Our Mission

CapitalFlash is empowering a future in which wealth is not defined by income, but by the community. A future where traders can support each other financially in more meaningful, personal ways. We’re introducing a new approach to trading and investing, focused on making the whole experience easier, more engaging and accessible for all. We, at CapitalFlash provide a pretty alternative to the current financial system, enabling the average people to engage in trending markets. Our corporation's initial purpose is to provide an assistanship to unaccredited investors in raising capital by meaningfully engaging them in financial and stock markets, experts-managed trading and investments portfolios.

Our Belief

We are all born invested in our world. Its resources. Its communities. Its challenges and especially its people. What if investing was something that everyone could take personally? What if investing was defined not just by its impact on your wallet, but also its impact on your community? Here, at CapitalFlash we have a new approach to investing and fundraising where professional and beginner traders operate together, united for a better future. We are building a community that makes the investment process approachable, enjoyable and as simple as we can. This allow traders to invest not only in oscillating stocks and dynamic charts, but in the people and the ideas that matter to them. Together we can redefine investing.

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