Our portfolio is strategically diversified to mitigate risks of overly streamlined trading and investing.

Cryptocurrencies Trading

Such a highly profitable activity brings us a decent income. We continuously research and integrate effective trading patterns. Our innovative approaches have attracted many top traders with premium long term performance.

Cryptocurrencies Mining

In addition to mining, we invest in blockchain-based projects and expect to continue purchasing additional rigs as well as seeking big opportunities in energy colocation to maximize our margins.

Foreign Exchange (ForEx) Trading

Capital Flash, Inc believes in the importance of conducting forex trading in a safe and honest environment. We will give you the complete freedom to trade in bigger and more lucrative markets to enable larger profits.

Real Estate

Capital Flash, Inc strives to get a #1 position in commercial real estate business. The key directions for our company are: Audit, Brokerage, Net leasing, Property Management & Real Estate Marketing and more...

Stock & Bonds Investments

None of modern large financial institutions can survive without a constant evolving. A new area for CapitalFlash represents securities market activity. As a service provider we offer the following (Click Read More)

IRA & Annuities

Annuities are insurance contracts that provide a fixed income stream for a person's lifetime or a specified period of time. An annuity can be purchased with a lump sum or a series of payments and begin paying out almost immediately or at some point in the future. Annuities are often used as a way to fund retirement.